How Do I Obtain A Prescription?
You can get your eyes tested by any high street optician. The usual price is between £5 and £20 although some of the large chains sometimes offer free eye tests.
Why Are Your Prices So Low?
This is because we manufacture all of our own lenses in our own lab. The savings are passed onto the customer.
Do You Offer A Refund If I Am Not Happy With My Glasses?
Yes of course. We offer a no quibbles full refund on all products you may be dissatisfied with,
I Made A Mistake When Ordering. What Should I Do?
Just contact us soon as possible by email and we can try to resolve it as we process orders very quickly the sooner you contact us the better.
What If My Glasses Need Adjusting?
Because you send us your own frames they should not need adjusting but if you send us a new frame or they need a slight adjustment Most optical stores will do an adjustment for free, We will always set your glasses up to British standards so 98% of the time they should sit perfect.
What Are Your Lenses Made Of?
Our lenses are made of the standard optical plastic or Polycarbonate, It is very rare nowadays that people have glass lenses. The new plastic, and polycarbonate lenses are much lighter and safer.
What Payment Methods Are Available?
Online payment by credit or debit card is via PayPal.
How Long Will It Take?

This is a very difficult question to answer with glasses because there are so many different variables, but here is a rough guide for you, Single Vision Prescription around 1-5 days, bi focals around 3-7 days, varifocals around 5-9 days transitions between 3-7 days this is just a rough guide to help you ,the days quoted may be slightly differ, we may be able to produce faster in some cases

What Is The Shipping Cost ?
Absolutely FREE, in the UK, out side of the Uk £15.00
Do You Sell Prescription Glasses To Children?
No sorry we cannot provide glasses to persons under the age of 16 - sorry it's the law.
Can I Use My Contact Lens Prescription?
No sorry we cannot provide glasses to persons under the age of 16 - sorry it's the law.
Do You Accept NHS Vouchers?
No sorry, NHS vouchers are not accepted.
Do You Sell BI-Focals?
Yes we do, please check our range
Do You Sell Vari-Focals?
Yes we do, please check our range
Do I Need To Order Extra Thin Lenses?
? This depends on your prescription we would advise that for a prescription over a +3.00 or -3.00 sph or a cyl of over +3.00 or -3.00 that you would be better off with a Extra thinner lens but this is up to you as this increases the price. But if you have a prescription that is very strong i.e. over + or -5.00 sph sometimes thin lenses are necessary for the lens to fit into the frame and this will reduce the weight of the glasses and improve the cosmetic
What If My Glasses Get Lost In The Post?
We use a fully tracked service with the Royal Mail the possibility of them getting lost is very unlikely, but if for some reason they did, we will work with you to rectify this situation, by means of a Refund, or a new product, you will never be out of pocket.