Caring for your glasses HINTS AND TIPS

What's the right way to clean and treat your glasses?

Tips for looking after your glasses
Crystal-clear lenses – Glasses wearers love that great
feeling when they put on their glasses after cleaning
and enjoy unhindered vision again. Wouldn’t it be
wonderful if our glasses were always clean and
smears, streaks and fingerprints were a thing of the
past? Proper lens care does not only ensure better
vision. It also lengthens the lifetime of your glasses.
Improper cleaning can also damage modern lenses
even if they have an anti-scratch hard coating.
BETTER VISION provides a few tips on how to clean
your glasses: how can you clean your lenses quickly,
thoroughly and yet gently at home and when you are
out and about?

The most important cleaning tip for optimum vision

Even if they are often used as the last resort, tissues or shirt sleeves are certainly not the best solution. Articles of clothing and tissues often leave particles of dust or dirt on the lenses, causing micro-scratches. This gradually impairs the quality of the lenses, and your vision suffers as a result. Scratches cannot be removed either from plastic or glass lenses. Even if the defect only appears to be of a cosmetic nature, light is dispersed by the micro-fine scratches, therefore irritating the eye. This often means you have to buy new lenses.
Caring for your glasses 1

Cleaning your frames – what do Simply Rimless recommend?

Improper care may also result in damage to your frames. The following tips will ensure that your frames remain as attractive as the day you bought them:
  • Lukewarm, running water and a drop of ph-neutral washing-up liquid provide good cleaning results. Always hold your glasses on the side of the frames you are cleaning. This helps avoid warping or, even worse, breakage of the frames.
  • For reasons of hygiene, it is also recommended to clean the sides of the frames and the nosepads from time to time. Thisalso improves the fit of your glasses as the removal of greasy substances helps prevent slipping.

Give your glasses an occasional treat: the special care offered by an ultrasonic cleaner

The use of ultrasonic cleaners (available online and from specialist stores) at home or by your optician is your best guarantee of thorough, convenient cleaning. This is the gentlest and most effective way of removing dirt. Just a couple of minutes are needed to restore your lenses and frames to their former glory.Important: don’t forget to change the water in the cleaner regularly.