If you find that your new Rimless glasses seem to be sitting a little too high or too low on your face, you can adjust the heightof them by altering the nose pads.The adjustment of the nose pads will only apply to frames withmetal a nose piece and pad arrangement. Frames which havethe bridge incorporated into the frame itself.By bringing the nose pieces together the frames will sit higher on your face. To do this, gently bend the nose piece on each side of the frame so that they are closer together. Try to do this evenly on each side. To make the glasses sit lower use the same procedure but, instead of bringing the pads closer together, widen them further apart.

Varifocal Note: If you have purchased varifocals take care when altering the nose pads as this may affect your vision through the lenses.

Put your Rimless glasses on, Look in to the far distance and make sure you can see clearly. If you can see clearly in the distance, look through the bottom of the lens to check that the reading area is clear when reading. If you can see clearly at both distances no further alteration is necessary. You may need to “fine-tune” the vision by altering the nose pads, as above. Bringing the pads together will raise the height of the reading element and widening the pads will lower it. Be sure that you can see clearly at both distances after adjustment

Adjusting The Ear Pieces

Should you find that your new Rimless glasses are slipping down your nose, you can adjust the ear pieces by gently bending them to fit tighter behind your ear.If the frame you have chosen has plastic sides then you will need to warm them by placing them in a cup of warm water to make them easier to bend. You may find tougher materials work better with a hairdryer on a medium heat setting but be careful not to overheat them.Don’t be afraid to adjust your glasses. All adjustments to new glasses purchased from Simply Rimless are covered by our guarantee.After reading these tips, if you are still having trouble adjustingyour new rimless glasses we are generally able to help via email, or request a call back from us. Alternatively you could take them along to a high-street optician for adjustment. Most high-street stores will adjust glasses for a free or a small fee