About Us

About Simply Rimless

Simply Rimless are the first UK online site that focuses solely on Rimless Eyewear, We are a family run business who have been serving the optical industry for over 25 years now and have always focused on rimless glasses, we have vast knowledge and experience on all aspects of rimless glasses and lenses for Rimless eyewear.
We started Producing Rimless glasses to the high street a very long time ago when everything was done by hand, from shaping the actual lens to drilling it and finishing the lens edge off with a high luster polish all by hand. Now times have changed and technology has come a very long way enabling us to do all of this by automated machinery ensuring pin point accuracy in all aspects of the process.
All of our Rimless Glasses are manufactured here in the UK in our own Lab, using only the top of the range surfacing (for making lenses) equipment and the very best edging machines (making the shape of your lenses). The machines we use are called Nidek, MEI and Satish loh.
Bringing our manufacturing expertise to you. We decided to open this website so you can buy direct from the us the manufacturer and cut out the middle man to save a lot of money and time, the Rimless glasses you buy from Simply Rimless are of the same quality you’d buy from the high street but at a fraction of the price
We are very passionate about rimless glasses here, they mean more to us than a piece of metal that sits on your face, they are a piece of art, and watching them being made and come together from start to finish never gets boring to us, we hope you love wearing our rimless glasses as much as we love making them